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Her body seems to emit a glow,

a glow unlike any other,

her skin is smooth and delicate,

fragile to anything sharp,

she feels fearless,

wanting to escape from herself,

her mind is scattered with thoughts,

she tries to take control,

but her body is so forceful,

so forceful she can’t stop herself,

she starts to press down,

until she’s deep in her arm,

no tears are falling,

no cries are heard,

all is silent,

lines flushing with red flow outward,

and onto the floor,

she screams,

the glow from her body is gone,

her delicate skin is now broken,

she falls to the floor in a pool of blood,

sobbing quietly to herself,

wishing someone would take her pain away.

La’Erica C.


Sweet Love.

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Gently gliding my fingers across your soft skin,

Making sure your body tingles in every inch,

Hearing your laugh, your sweet laugh,

Gives me hope that we’ll last,

Your back pressed up against my front,

Sending vibes from your body to mine,

Our feet are intertwined with each other,

Making it hard to get away from you,

We lay in silence for a moment,

Taking in the life around us,

You break the stillness with a kiss,

Your lips liven up my body,

You lay your head on my chest,

Our heartbeats overpower our ears,

I smile because I know this feeling,

is as sweet as you are.

La’Erica C.

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